What Exactly Are Entities?



  A real being, whether in thought or in fact; being; essence; existence.
A disembodied or preternatural spirit.


  Entities are what many people would consider angels or demons. They are completely spiritual or ethereal in nature and actually have never lived as human beings. This type of manifestation is fairly uncommon and in the vast majority of cases where entities are suspected, the real culprits turn out to be simply ghosts or spirits.

  Entities will act differently than spirits, ghosts, or poltergeists. Remember that ghosts are simply recordings that have no way of communicating with the living. There is simply no life left. Spirits may actually communicate with people, but usually tend to do so by thought, dreams, or by signs that may be special significance to a loved one or the people toward whom the message is directed. As for the poltergeist, although there may appear to be a slight intelligence involved, the actions are generally centered around one individual.

  One of the major characteristics that may clue you in on the fact that you are dealing with an entity is an overwhelming sense of good or evil associated with the apparition. Dealing with entities is definitely one case where listening to your feelings and instincts may be the best thing you can do. There are two major types of entities that a ghost hunter to encounter: angelic entities and demonic entities.

    Angelic Entities:

Angelic Entities serve mainly as messengers or protectors. Generally, when an angelic entity is encountered, it is a very private matter between an entity and the individual or individuals that were meant to witness it. Other people in the room or area may not actually see the angelic entity, but they may feel a very strong sense of peace and well-being. Apparitions of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary would be included in this category.

Angels are most often encountered during the near-death experience, or at a time of extreme stress for the person(s) being visited. After such a visitation, the person may actually have a complete life style change, often putting aside old habits and dedicating their lives to making others aware of the goodness associated with God and the universe.


    Encountering Demonic Entities:

  Demonic entities are not very common, but chances are that if you stay in the ghost-hunting profession long enough, you may very well encounter one or two cases that involve a demon. Demons are usually encountered only after an individual or individuals invite one into their lives in one fashion or another. The most common way is for people to play with various forms or divination that they have not been trained in properly, or even at all. The typical scene, where a group of teenagers at a slumber party pull out a Ouija board, is a perfect example of inviting a demonic presence into their lives.

  A person who is not well versed in the occult may play with the Ouija board in order to find an answer to an every day problem or question. "Who will I marry?" "What will I be like when I grow up?" "Is there anybody out there who can hear me?"

   If two or more people are using the Ouija board, the entity will usually concentrate on the one with the lowest psyche. In this case, psyche refers to the amount of natural or learned spiritual protection a person may have. A person's psyche is like any other ability in that it can vary from person to person, but it can be strengthened through study, practice, and discipline.

  This type of entity may answer one or two questions in order to lull those using the Ouija board into false sense of trust. The demon generally appears in the guise of sympathetic spirit that just wants to help. The more the person uses the Ouija board, the more likely the entity can come to this realm to wreak havoc.

  Another way that a demon can unwittingly be introduced into the home of an individual or individuals is through automatic writing. Although automatic writing can be a very useful tool to access the subconscious and some of the higher spiritual realms, without proper precautions, it can be a homing beacon for a demonic entity.

  Once an entity of this type arrives, it is very difficult to send back to its original plane of existence. Under no circumstances should a ghost hunter attempt to work on an investigation that may have a demonic entity present. A priest or other professional versed in dealing in this type of phenomena should be consulted.



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