Our team uses several videos cameras, infra-red extenders, DVR system, several audio devices, wireless audio, several EMF meters, ion meters, gauss meters, flash lights, black lights, infra-red thermo imaging device, infra-red thermometers, laptop computers, large monitors, digital cameras, laser grid scopes, motion sensors, 2-way radios, equipment cases and much more!


What Will You Need?

  Ghost hunting requires a wide variety of equipment. Although, you may not essentially need all these items listed below, it is always advantageous to take as many of these as possible. Equipment can either aid you in locating ghosts or paranormal activity or help you record and capture that one bit of evidence that could change your view on the whole world. Below is a list of equipment that is readily available and what we use on a regular basis to investigate hauntings.

  Please remember that you don't need expensive equipment to ghost hunt. Example: A $20.00 camera works the same as a $2,000.00 camera! Well, of course there are differences, but if you are going to catch something on film, it doesn't matter how much you pay for your camera!

    Audio recording equipment:

  Being digital or tape, a general everyday dictaphone can pick up on noises that aren't audible to the human ear. Through experience though, SRS has found digital recorders to be a lot more productive than micro-cassette recorders, maybe because the digital recorders doesn't have the magnetic qualities of the tape.


  A compass reacts to disturbances in the electronic field. Obviously it goes without saying, never use them near electric equipment because your likely to get a false reading. But if your in an open area and the compass is veering off its north facing point, this could denote paranormal activity in the area.

    Control Object:

  Some hauntings or investigations may contain some sort of poltergeist activity, this is where a control object may come in useful. Just place a small object in an area, and mark off its edges so that you know if it has moved or not. Sometime an object in keeping with the ghosts time period is more likely to move than other objects.

    Dark Covers:

  Some locations may contain a lot of shiny surfaces, if they create a problem just cover them up.

    Flour Or Fine Powder:

  You can use this to spread a thin coating across a surface to see if you can register any imprints on it.


  A compass helps you determine which direction you are pointing along with Spirits.

    EMF Meter:

  A lot more sophisticated than a compass, an EMF meter can pick up on small disturbances in the electro magnetic field and background radiation. These are also relatively inexpensive.


 Useful for picking up on any changes in the air humidity.

    Infra Red Boosters:

  Although not essential, these can certainly increase the range and clarity of your recording equipment. These are great to measure surface temperatures of hot, hazardous or difficult-to-reach objects, without touching them.

    Laser Thermometer:

  These are excellent at pin pointing hot and cold spots from a distance. There are many different types of thermometers and they do many things that are very useful to an investigator.

    Motion Detectors:

  These can be very handy indeed. They just work on the principle of something breaking the infra red beam. Always try to film an area that has motion detectors in it because if the beam gets broken, you may have something on tape like a ghost!

    Notepad And Pens:

  Definitely essential to log information and events as they happen. Make sure that you have a nice sized pad and a few pens with ya just in case one decides not to work!

    Photographic Cameras:

  Probably the most accessible and vital piece of equipment there is to have. Digital cameras are very cheap now a days and so are 35ML cameras! With the age of digital technology, it has made it easy to take hundreds of photos in one single investigation. We find either type of camera, be it film or digital, can pick up on paranormal activity. Just remember keep a very steady hand when taking the pictures otherwise you camera can produce effects that isn't paranormal.

    Spare Film/Batteries:

  It's best that you have extra batteries with you on your investigations. Spirits, entities, etc. can and will drain your batteries very quickly into an investigation and have been known to interfere with electrical equipment. If you don't have extra batteries, your investigation will end rather quickly if this happens! It's best to have extra batteries for your camera, video cameras, recorders, etc. You can never go with too much spare equipment! Also, you don't want to run out of film. When you start taking pictures, you don't realize how quick you go through 35ML film and even on your digital camera.

    Video Cameras/Camcorders:

  Most cameras/camcorders now come with a night vision facility, usually called night shot or O Lux. Almost all investigations take place in the dark so your camera needs to be able to see in pitch black. Also, infra red can see things the human eye can not. Video cameras/camcorders start pretty cheap at $79.00 to as much as you wish to pay for one, but in order to get a decent camera/recorder you don't need to pay the big bucks anymore! You really don't need an expensive video camera/camcorder to catch ghosts on cameras! If they are going to show up, they will if it is expensive or not! But, this is an investment and in all reality, the better equipment you have the better it will serve your purpose!

    Walkie Talkies:

  If your in a large group and you separate, this is the best and cheapest way to keep in touch. A good place to find Walkie Talkies is at RadioShack. You can get them from $6.00 to $200.00. Honestly, you don't need the $200.00 radios. They come in 2 packs and have ranges starting at 3 miles. This is perfect for for you to use when going on investigations when you need to separate.



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