Lost Soul Entities


Lost Soul Entities:

Many of us at some stage in our lives have been spooked, felt or feared what we might believe to be an ominous or evil spiritual presence. Mostly we are mistaken, and this is caused by our own fears of the unknown getting the better of us and what we may be experiencing is a well meaning spirit guide or loved one in spirit who has been drawn to us or has come to make us aware of themselves and that they live on in spirit and the feelings and phenomena spirit give off at times when they are drawn close to us can produce a number of sensations that can cause us to fear.

  Once we do understand and realize why we are feeling these sensations and how spirits use their energies as  we can sometimes feel when they are trying to communicate with us as it often puts our mind at rest. Although, we do have our own natural built in fears and cautions of the unknown that can get the better of us. For instance, we have some natural and many superstitious fears of the unknown, this is partly due to instinctual self preservation and also partly comes from our own beliefs and the beliefs of others concerning spiritual matters.

Lost Soul Entities & Negative Influences of Spirits:

  There are spirits that are sometimes very troubled souls who remain or come back upon the earthly plane. Most do pass over into the spirit realms successfully with the aid of spirit guides, helpers and loved ones. Those that come back or remain here are on occasion referred to as lost souls or poltergeists that move things about, bang and crash around, as they are sometimes seen to be mischievous spirits responsible for some hauntings along with disturbances. This includes loud noises, lights, smells, physical and sexual assaults as well as telephone and bell ringing. The history that sites poltergeist activity goes back as far as Roman times and in this modern day, there is a great deal of scientific investigation into poltergeist activity carried out by parapsychologists. Yet, in most cases of hauntings there is an innocent explanation for why these spirits are present and the fact is that in most cases these spirit mean no harm and were not aware of the disturbances they may have been causing, but this is not to dismiss that there are spirits that deliberately act to cause disturbances only to know that this is on the whole quite rare, but it happens more than shared.

 These lost souls fall into five main groups or categories:

 1)  There are those lost souls that become earth bound through loss and grieving for another who is still living here and has not yet passed on themselves, most of these souls do get help to pass on into the spirit realms, but not all choose to do so and in a way they can become earth bound and tied to the earth and those they love here for a time.

 2)  The second group of lost souls are those who have become victims here in their lifetime and become lost in the darkness of their own suffering and again sometimes find it very difficult to make the transition on into the spirit realms by finding the light. They could have been victims of wrong doing by others such as murder, etc.

 3)  The third group are those who have done wrong or evil in their lifetimes here on earth and have again become lost in their darkness. They often even if they do find the light that will take them into the spirit realms they fear to set foot in it as they fear being judged and sent to a darker realm. This is not the case as  all spirits are welcomed within the spirit realms. These types of spirits would go to a plane that is suitable for their level of spiritual evolution, where they can learn and better themselves until such a time as they can cast off any cloak of darkness they may have taken on and move on into the light and higher planes within spirit.

 4)  The forth group of lost souls are within the spirit realms, but are those who have not moved on that greatly and they return as all spirits can do to the earth. They often revisit and relive past moments and memories that they haven't yet left behind. Unfortunately and often quite unintentionally some of these lost souls can be troubling to humans who in one way or another can pick up on and sense these spirits and these spirits have often had a bad or traumatic experience while they lived here on earth and have found it difficult to move on. This can include both adults and children and both are helped by spirits that come to aid them, although at times they may become attracted to humans for help this usually happens because they are distressed. These type of spirits can cause many humans that are in some way aware of spirits to become distressed or frightened themselves and can't always realize that a majority of these spirits mean us no harm and are only looking for our help and recognition.

 5)  The fifth group of spirits you are to be aware of and this group is the worst of all. These are intentional and malignant individuals in spirit who deliberately wish to use their abilities and gifts of the spirit that they have, in a hostile and abusive manners against spiritually aware mortals. Although, this is rare as we are mostly well guarded from such spirits by spirit guides and loved ones in spirits and the intentional and malignant spirits are only a small percentage of the overall spiritual presence upon the earth, as all spirits can come back here from within the spirit realms or choose to remain upon the earthly plane.

  So, if we do come across a lost soul or what appears to be a lost soul and can't seem to be getting anywhere with them, then it is not wise to spend too much time trying to persuade these souls to move on. It is better to leave it to mediums and well respected psychics that have a greater understanding and much more experience in dealing with such matters in a safe manner for all. One reason for not spending too much time is that if it is a malignant spirit is drawn to us and the longer we talk to them, the better the spiritual link they can form with us and that is the last thing we want to encourage or form with a malignant spirit. If they are malignant then we need to be doing just the opposite and that is blocking them out. We shouldn't allow ourselves to be drawn in by these spirits who may try to deceive and lie to us and after a short while we should dismiss them and tell them we cannot help them any further, if we believe that they are trying to delude or take advantage of us in anyway. Please be careful when you are doing this as it can be dangerous.



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