Leah D. Lichtenberg:

  Is the Founder and is one of the Executive Directors of ‘The Spirit Research Society.' Leah is a clairvoyant. In other words, she has an acute intuitive insight or perceptiveness with the paranormal and Spirit world. She has been dealing with the Spirit world from a very young age.

  She has been doing investigations for 26 years and has been to many well known places to investigate and has done investigations in 15 states and counting. She also analyzes EVP and looks forward to researching more about the Spirit phenomena. Leah has had several Spirits/Poltergeists living with her throughout the years and has many, many stories to share of her own!

Chad Mullins:

  Chad has worked with Thermal Imaging and EMF Meters in his career and brings his talents to the team. He has also worked with other electronics used in this field to investigate. Chad has had a few encounters with the Spirit world and enjoys investigating accounts of the Paranormal. Chad is one of our Executive Directors and is our Case Manager.

Mellisa Mullins

  Mellisa's interest in the paranormal has been for a very long time. She's had several encounters with the spirit world. This is what has caused her curiosity into the Paranormal to find out more. She brings to the team a wealth of knowledge in computers, electronics and historical research. She is one of our Executive Directors and Historical Director.


Lisa Bauer:

   Lisa been a sensitive for as long as she can remember along with what some would call a natural healer. Her healing techniques are similar to that of Reiki. She has had several personal experiences within the Paranormal world to make her want to find out more. She is one of our Executive Directors and Case Manager.


Greg Lichtenberg:

  Greg is our 35MM and digital photographer and is an investigator. He has had several experiences that makes him a true believer in the Spirit world. He has caught many unexplained things in his photography and this keeps him coming back for more! He is one  of our Executive directors and Technical Managers.  


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